Worshops are organized frequently in order to introduce a working field related to the Biotechnology and/or Pharmaceutical Industry. Each session gathers more than 20 young scientists with an expert who introduces his/her work and career evolution. Theme selection is discussed during the board and council meetings and organized successfully thanks to Biodocs-Lyon’s network.




From the idea to the recovery of a projet...
Wednesday, February the 3rd, 2010, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland
Guests : François Roy (CREALYS) & Marie José Seurin (CIRMA) 

Industrial proprty : Interest of the patent
Tuesday, January the 17th, 2010, 18h30, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland
Guest : PRAS Jean Louis  (Arkema) 


Recruitment: perspective of a human resources manager
Tuesday, March the 17th, 2009, 18h30, ENS-Scienses Lyon-Gerland
Guest : VAYER Virginie (Biomérieux)


Expatriation with the Credit Agricole
Monday, February the 3rd, 2009, 18h30, Crédit Agricole Lyon-Carré Bellecour
Guest : RIVAL Stéphane (Credit Agricole)

R&D in Industry : the exemple of Transgène
Tuesday, December the 3rd, 19h30, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland
Guest : MARRTIN Perrine (Transgène)

The consulting in biotechnology by Alcimed
Tuesday, June the 3rd, 19h, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland
Guests : ZOGHBI Sandra & DURIEZ Cyril (Alcimed)

Industrial Property : Tech Transfer & Patent development
Monday, March the 3rd, 2008, 19h00, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland

Guests: VERNOUX Lucile, Patent engineer – Cabinet Regimbeau 
THUMELIN Stéphane, Senior Manager – INSERM TRANSFERT 


Entrepreneurship: From Business Incubators to Startup compagnies
Tuesday, February the 12th , 2008, 18h30, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland
Guests: Mme KAMAL Nadia, director of Créalys, Business Incubator
Mr CHAVENT Yannick, Angel Investor, Club Animator  "Créateur-Repreneur"

Recruitment Strategy: from the point of view of an expert
Tuesday, January the 8th, 2008, 18h30, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland  
 Guest: VAYER Virginie, Human Resources  
BioMérieux - Marcy l'Etoile

Research & development (R&D)
Tuesday, December the 8th, 2007, 18h30, ENS-Sciences Lyon-Gerland

Guest: DE LUCA Karelle, Immuno-microbiology Section Manager,
Sanofi-Pasteur - Marcy l'Etoile